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About Us

BHjobs.com has successfully advertised jobs for employers in the BH postcode area since 2002. We have now developed this new site with the ability to advertise jobs across the whole of the United Kingdom. BHjobs.com has achieved its success by advertising jobs and targeting job seekers in a specific geographical area, the new site will continue in the same way, but also offer the opportunity for enterprising people to run their own business in their postcode region under licence from BHjobs.com. See below for further details.

We have introduced some interesting features, some of which are unique to BHjobs as a job board. As a job seeker, not only can you upload a CV, you can now upload and video clip and/or a sound file of yourself. If you don’t think the traditional format of a CV really says who you are, or sells your abilities and attributes in the best way you can now tell potential employers via your video or sound file.

Employers can also upload video clips to show the working environment or to explain about their business in greater depth and in a more interesting way than a written job description.

In all the new system provides a fast and effective service with comprehensive searching facilities whether you are an employer or a job seeker.

Business Opportunity

As we now have the ability to cover the whole of the UK, we are offering opportunities to individuals to run their own business by selling advertising in their own postcode region on a licensed basis. If you know your local jobs market and have the ability to sell, you can run your own business from home or from a small office. We do not charge a commission on your success, the more you make the more you earn, we just charge a set monthly fee, with the first three months being paid in advance. Prices will vary depending on the size of the postcode area. For further details of this opportunity, please contact BHjobs.com 01202 418222 or email info@BHjobs.com.

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